Today we share with all our customers and web visitors a news published by the Faro de Vigo on Saturday.

The company exports its cephalopod more than twenty countries around the world.

The company Mariscos Gilmar, dedicated exclusively to the marketing of octopus, returned to participate in a new edition of the international fair of frozen seafood products, better known as Conxemar, getting attract a large number of people thanks to the presence in one of the freezers of a cephalopod of 15 kilograms. Many of the people who visited the fair did not hesitate to check their authenticity and contrast different formed in which the company sells this product.

The firm, based in the industrial area of Tremoedo, octopus in different varieties exported to more than twenty countries around the world such as USA, Australia or United Arab Emirates.

Here’s the link to the news in the newspaper.