Slice of Octopus Cooked Gilmar


Slice of cooked octopus 1cm thick, with or without head (optional).

Scientific name: Octopus vulgaris

-Rías Galicia (Northwest Atlantic FAO 27)
-Dakhla (FAO Atlantic Center 34 East)

Type of fishing: Extractive, trapping and jiggers

Ingredients: natural Boiled octopus, water OPTIONAL glazing (0%, 10%, 15% ± 2%).


Weight tentacles cooked
T1 0,300 kg/tentacle
T2 0,200-0,300 kg/tentacle
T3 0,140-0,200 kg/tentacle
T4 0,100-0,140 kg/tentacle
T5 0,080-0,100 kg/tentacle
T6 0,055-0,080 kg/tentacle


In freezer without stars: 3 days
* 1 week
** 1 month
*** Or **** (A -18) 18 months from date of manufacture

Between 0 and 4 ° C, 90 days from the date of manufacture

Nutritional Values

Nutritional Values Per 100 gr % of RI* per 100g
Energetic Value 329Kj/78Kcal 4%
Fat 1g 1%
of which saturates 0,2g 1%
Monounsaturated 0,2g  
Polyunsaturated 0,2g  
Carbohydrates 2,2g 1%
of which sugars 0g 0%
Proteins 15g 30%
Sal 0,58g 10%

* Reference intake of an average adult (8400kj/2000kcal).
Omega3 content per 100g is 240mg.


* Closed plastic bag 5kg bulk slice
* Vacuum Bag slice 1kg bulk
* Tray 400gr heat sealed
* Tray 250gr heat sealed
* Tray 200gr heat sealed
* Vacuum Bag 175gr slice

Master carton labeled a fixed weight

*Plastic bag 5kg one slice bulk 1 bags/box
*Vacuum Bag 1kg bulk slice 5 bags/box
*400gr heat sealed tray 8 trays/box
*250gr heat sealed tray 14 trays/box
*200gr heat sealed tray 14 trays/box
*Vacuum Bag 175gr slice 20 bags/box

Target customer: Distributors, foodservice and retail

Intended use: Remove the container 2 minutes before use (previously thawed if applicable), and submit to taste.